Build and automate business processes in days instead of months

ADAPT helps factories create a harmonious and collaborative work environment for employees, machines and existing software.

How does ADAPT work?

ADAPT makes it easy for managers to design complex business processes and collect information from all the relevant touchpoints. With the help of our tools, you can build and modify custom solutions for your operational challenges at a glance.
adapt design processes
Step 1

Design your business processes

Start by mapping out the steps of each of your processes to ensure standardisation and keep a high quality of execution every time. Automate activities like sending notifications and collecting machine information without writing a single line of code.

Step 2

Add employees, machines and software in the mix

Integrate all the relevant employees and assets in your processes. You can send work instructions, collect additional information, delegate tasks and set specific rules to create a harmonious work environment.

adapt add employees
adapt automate processes
Step 3

Automate and run processes

Now that the design phase is over and the rules are set you can automate the designed processes with just a click. Start reaping the benefits immediately. If the processes need some adjustments just stop, reconfigure and run them again.

Step 4

Customise integrations

If you didn’t find the integrations that you are looking for in the marketplace, we have set in place a mechanism to accelerate custom integrations. ADAPT allows for custom integrations 10x faster than the traditional way with the help of our developer toolkit.

adapt customise integrations

What comes next ?

After configuring your factory with ADAPT, managers and engineers can monitor the entire activity in every corner. The intuitive interface allows for easy performance checks and makes it easy to identify bottlenecks.
adapt process run

Process Run

Check the detailed overview in each process and see how the operations in your factory unfold in real time. Identify bottlenecks and recognise faults in the system. You can also monitor the rate of digital adoption in your organisation and see how the employees respond to different tasks and forms.


Custom dashboard

Customise an intuitive dashboard which provides relevant real-time insights into your operations, managers and operators alike. You can have a holistic view of the processes that are the most relevant. Our custom dashboards offer the flexibility to present your data in a way that works for you.

adapt custom dashboard
adapt machine status

Machine Status

Process the raw information generated by machines and visualise it in an intuitive way with ADAPT. Monitor performance and define maintenance plans in a way that doesn’t complicate your operations. ADAPT notifies you instantly if something is out of bounds with your machines

Feature Timeline

We’ve been continuously improving our product and building on top of our MVP to meet the needs of our customers
May 2021
Process Builder

The Process Builder is the core part of our platform and it was the first step in developing our platform.

August 2021
Process Run

After taking care of the visual part of the process design we started to automate these processes with some essential steps.

September 2021

The task followed soon after to communicate with the workers to allow them to get the work done.

February 2022

We also needed to collect valuable insights from employees, not only to send them tasks, so naturally we started developing the forms.

May 2022
IoT Infrastructure

Integrating the IoT devices presents many challenges and we are still working on it continuously.

July 2022
HeyDo Integration

We started the collaboration with our first partners, HeyDo. They have a shopfloor management platform that mixes perfectly with the features of ADAPT.

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