Transforming a multi-trillion industry into a digital powerhouse

Our mission is to support factory managers in establishing and executing digital strategies. ADAPT is a user-friendly operating system that makes adopting new technologies as easy as downloading an app from the store.

Meet the team

adapt ceo

Bianca Bălan


adapt cto

Alexandru Bînzar


adapt head of engineering

Vlad Galuska

Head of Engineering

adapt backend lead

Dragoș Sabău

Back-End Lead

mobile development lead

Robert Petelează

Mobile Development Lead

adapt frontend lead

Alexandra Pascu

Front-End Lead

adapt frontend developer

Daiana Iurescu

Front-End Developer

adapt full stack developer

Darius Stan

Full Stack Developer

Project Dynamics

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Start of 2018
Creation of Team

Custom development services for manufacturing clients: we created particular tools to shorten implementation time

October 2020
NASA Spaceapps Hackathon

Shift from service-oriented to product-oriented

November 2020
Start working on the commercial platform

Market research and business plan conception

Start of 2021
Doubled the employee count

Company management focuses now on ADAPT

May 2021
Entered the IoT Tribe Accelerator
June 2021
Strategical Partnership with a German manufacturing and software consulting company
August 2021
Start of first pilot project to prove ADAPT works

Actively looking for further pilots

October 2021
Investment to prepare for commercialization

Further product and business development to accommodate large numbers of clients.

November 2021
Start second pilot project to prove ADAPT sells
Start of 2022
Establishing a network of local ambassadors to start commercial rollout
Continously improving the product and integrating more relevant technologies

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