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ADAPT is a user-friendly operating system made for smart factories. Connect and manage employees, machines and existing software.
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Digital Transformation
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ADAPT is a modern all-in-one operating system that helps factory managers overcome the challenges of implementing end-to-end digital solutions. Get back in control and make sure you increase efficiency in every corner of your factory.

The ADAPT framework allows you to create seamless digital journeys for your employees, customers and suppliers. On one hand the stakeholders get a more pleasant and optimal experience in working with your organisation. On the other hand, the management gets actionable insights and unlocks new potentials for process improvements.

  • Improve the productivity of your employees
  • Reduce the cost to serve customers
  • Set alerts to encourage instant actions

ADAPT bridges the gap between your machines and users. Manage and automate the connected devices in your factory and put the data to work. Visualise it in a dashboard or integrate ready to use insights in your business processes. Make sure the right information is in the right place at the right time.

  • Manage and monitor all your devices in one place
  • Create rules to process data instantly
  • Use secure communication protocols for extra protection
The ADAPT integration hub enables anyone to integrate software in a no-code environment. Build automated and complex workflows in a matter of minutes. Reduce cost, time and complexity for the development of custom integrations with the help of our developer toolkit.

  • Connect your existing tech stack faster
  • Automate data flow between apps
  • Create great user experiences
adapt digital transformation

Highlighted Solutions


Receive and process customer orders much faster and make sure your deliveries are on time. Integrate after-sales processes for improved customer satisfaction.


Increase your automation rate from stock alerts to approvals and payments. Avoid maverick buying and reduce lead times.

Employee Onboarding

Define clear steps and deal with the paperwork hassle. Organise and keep the training procedures in check for everyone without any manual intervention.

Work Instructions

Communicate instantly easy to follow step-by-step instructions to your workers. Follow in real time the completion of tasks. 

Machine Downtime

Automate data collection and gain valuable insights on how your equipment is performing. Set alerts to respond quickly to failures. 

Worker Safety

Monitor environmental conditions and the health of employees with the help of wearables. Limit risks and exposure to prevent accidents from happening.

Main Features

adapt process builder

Process Builder

It is an end-to-end solution to build digital business processes in days instead of months. It is designed for people with no coding experience allowing your team to plan and execute new strategies in your factory.

Form Builder

With the ADAPT form builder you can create dynamic forms that are perfectly integrated in your operations. Collect valuable insights from employees, customers and other stakeholders with an intuitive and familiar tool and integrate them instantly in your processes.
adapt form builder
adapt marketplace



Our community provides easy access to curated state of the art solutions and new technologies like IoT, Big Data and AI. Install complementary modules and add-ons in key areas to unleash the full power of digitalization.

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